QUEER AS POP: From The Gay Scene to The Mainstream

If you like dancing, you’ve probably got a gay man to thank. That’s the contention – convincingly borne out by some fabulously sweaty disco archive – of Queer as Pop, the story of how, time and again, music has filtered from the gay scene to the mainstream. The rise of disco, the death of disco, house, hi-NRG, the Village People and the moment when David Bowie put his arm round Mick Ronson on Top of the Pops: it’s all here. This documentary reveals how the social and political liberation of homosexual men has influenced the music mainstream over the past 40 years.

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The world of competitive cheerleading, following the Bullettes, the elite squad of the Panache Cheerleading School in Bradford, as they prepare for the BCA Pom Dance Championships in Liverpool. In charge is Robyn Morrison, a former cop, beauty queen and Neighbours actress, and she won't settle for second best as the girls grab their pom-poms and master their moves in a bid to come out on top.

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Funny quiz show for RTE1 where you don’t need to know your enemy, you need to know your friends. Team mates must predict who will know the answers but the twist is they can't see each other at all as they are separated by screens.


The glamorous, flame-haired Nichola Smith is the hardest working woman in the catering industry. She is the director and chef of Healthy Yummies, an upscale location catering company. This series follows the trials and tribulations of running a fast-paced catering business where no two jobs are the same. Celebrities have special diets, vital equipment breaks down at the eleventh hour, ingredients get lost in transit and Nichola gets lost in Paris…


Hidden camera prank show set in real holiday resorts. Now in production.


The documentary celebrating the achievements of Britain's most tireless professionals turns its attention to undertakers and others who provide services to the bereaved. The best in the business gather for a ceremony in which they are nominated in a number of categories, including Embalmer of the Year, Gravedigger of the Year, Coffin Supplier of the Year, Best Funeral Arranger and, perhaps ironically, the Lifetime Achievement Award. It's then up to the judges to decide who should clear a space on their mantelpiece for a trophy - which, of course, is shaped like a coffin.

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